Structural engineering is a very relevant feature of ALPINA. A wide range of structures have been designed by the company, all of considerable importance for the relevance and nature of the problems addressed. ALPINA adopts sophisticated modelling methods for all structural calculations, specializing in seismic analysis of complex structures in three-dimensions and verification of the issues concerning the interaction between the ground and the structure. Our structural design and planning works are associated with transport infrastructure, bridges and viaducts, hydraulic constructions such as dams, intake structures, pipelines, and building structures.

The interaction between the structure and the ground plays an important role in all ALPINA’s civil, hydraulic, transport, and building engineering projects. Experience in interpreting the geological data and in using the latest calculation codes allows ALPINA to investigate safely the design themes inherent to all the geotechnical disciplines and underground structures. In fact, ALPINA designed over 600 km of hydraulic tunnels, railways, underground lines, and motorways.