High Speed Railway – Naples – Bari (Itlay)

High Speed Railway - Naples - Bari (Italy)

ClientConsorzio Hirpinia AV

Work activitiesDetailed design


Period2016 - 2020



The project included the hydrogeological analysis and the 2D hydraulic model of the valley section in correspondence of the crossing of Ufita river (Campania region, Italy) of the railway viaducts. The analysis considered several return periods, such as T=30, 100 and 300 years and, for the temporary construction phases, T=5 and 15 years.

The output consists in stormwater drainage layouts, large scale layouts for the hydraulic hazard, paying particular attention to the flood risk, of longitudinal stormwater drainage profiles, large scale layouts of catchment areas, layouts of speed and levels.

The hydraulic design includes the hydraulic works on Ufita river in correspondence of viaducts, riverbed works, and protection works.

The four viaducts consist in decks 25, 45 and 65 m long, for an overall length of 2 km. The 25 m decks are in prestressed concrete, and the longer decks for the river crossings are mixed steel-concrete structures.

Hirpinia railway station footprint is 100m x 70 m, is a reinforced concrete structure with an underground floor, a ground floor and a mezzanine level.

The design of the platforms includes a steel shelter for protection of the travelers.

The engineering services include also:

  • the environmental design of the construction site, including the environmental investigation campaign;
  • the management of excavated soil and rock;
  • the design of the construction site, such as the temporary accesses to the sites, the yards and the definition of the logistic and infrastructural layouts of the sites;
  • the MEP design (power and lighting systems, industrial systems of the buildings).

The whole design is developed according to the Building Information Modeling (BIM) using dedicated software and targeted information concepts.

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High speed and capacity railway Brescia-Verona (italy)

High speed and capacity railway Brescia-Verona (Italy)

ClientCepav 2

Work activitiesDetailed design


Period2018 - Ongoing


Alpina took part in the design of a significant section of about 15 km and related structural works.

In particular, Alpina developed the design of the following parts of the project:

  • Embankments, open cuts, and U-shape structural walls between ch. 122+250 and ch. 140+180;
  • Cut and cover tunnel “Madonna del Frassino” including entrance works;
  • Cut and cover tunnel “Santa Cristina” including entrance works;
  • Tunnel “Colle Baccotto” including entrance works;
  • Cut and cover tunnel “Mano di Ferro” including entrance works;
  • Road underpass “via Mantonava”.

In particular, the Tunnel “Colle Baccotto” is designed in clay, silt and sand layers, for long section under water table level, with important issues related to the settlement and the stability of the embankments of the adjacent highway Milan-Verona and of the flyovers.

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TEEM – Milan east external ring motorway (italy)

TEEEM – Milan east external ring motorway (italy)

ClientConsorzio Arco TEM S.p.A.

Work activitiesDetailed design


Period2011 - 2012



Within the overall works associated to the East External Ring Motorway of Milan (TEEM), Alpina was responsible to develop several projects to improve road network interconnected to the new ring motorway system. Significant is the completion of the Motorway Cassanese S.P. n.103, from Cassina de Pecchi to Pozzuolo Martesana, that consists in the functional upgrade of the existing single road carriage into a motorway with two lanes per carriage: 2.5 km Motorway length, the Melzo and Pozzuolo Martesana junctions, one double viaduct (250 m), the Molgora river bridges, two fly-overs and several hydraulics works.

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A1/E35 Motorway – Four lanes functional upgrade section Milan sud – Lodi, 18 Km (Italy)

A1/E35 Motorway – Four lanes functional upgrade section Milan sud – Lodi, 18 Km (Italy)

ClientSPEA S.p.A.

Work activitiesDetailed design


Period2017- 2018


Detailed design of the functional upgrade to full four lanes of the existing motorway,  section from Milano Sud Junction (Km 4+852) to Lodi Junction (22+306), approximately 18 km.

The works includes the detailed design of the new four lanes motorway, the re-alignment of A50 interchange speed ramps, the Melegnano-Binasco junction, the A58 TEEM interchange, the Lodi junction, the S. Zenone gas station speed ramps,  five bridge extension (new decks and abutments) including the major one above  Lambro river, the extension of n°45 culverts of the secondary hydraulic system, the new road drainage system, the installation of acoustic barriers and safety barriers.  

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A7- A10 Motorway Genoa – San Benigno junction (ITALY)

A7- A10 Motorway Genoa - San Benigno junction (Italy)

ClientSPEA S.p.A.

Work activitiesPreliminary and Final design


Period2018- 2019



Engineering services for the Preliminary and Final design of the functional upgrade of the existing urban motorway junction at Genoa San Benigno – Lot 2 – Section D and E.

The services include the new horizontal and vertical alignment of existing S. Benigno junction ramps, connections with local roads, access to the main Port areas, the diversion of the existing railway line (120 m) and the design of new major structures: n°3 concrete viaducts, embankments & trenches, hydraulics works, site construction phases.

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BREBEMI Motorway (Italy)

BREBEMI Motorway (Italy)

ClientSocietà di Progetto Brebemi S.p.A.

Work activitiesDetailed design, Technical support for the approval, Verification of the final plan prepared by the General Contractor, Supervision of works

PlaceLombardy (ITALY)


Project value



The new motorway Brebemi crosses the Po Valley plain for approximately 49 km directly connecting Brescia and Milan.

The motorway structure provides for a platform of 2+2/3+3 flow-lanes plus an emergency lane in each direction.

The extent of the motorway of about 43,5 km results as running alongside the future Milano Verona high-speed railway line with which it shares many works (overpasses, underpasses, tunnels) included in so-called integrated works. Where it reaches the Adda Serio and Oglio rivers, there are three viaducts manufactured with segmental bridge technology with spans of up to 90 m.

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