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Railway line Turin – Lyon, access tunnel of Saint Martin la Porte (France)

ClientTELT - Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin

Work activitiesMaitre d'Oeuvre (MOE): Final Design (PRO), Preparation of Tender Documents (DCE), Review of Detailed Design (EXE) and Work Supervision


Lenght57 Km

Period2003 - ongoing


The Lyon–Turin Base Tunnel is a key element of the trans-European Network for passengers and freight, the West-Eastlink of Corridor V, connecting Lisbon to Kiev.

The twin tube 57 km Base Tunnel will be excavated through 4 access tunnels. Three different access adits are conceived on the French side: Saint-Martin La Porte, La Praz and Modane, and one on the Italian side: La Maddalena.

The excavation of the base tunnel has started with the 8 km section from Saint-Martin La Porte to La Praz.

Alpina carried out the Supervision of works of the access tunnel in Saint-Martin La Porte (in JV with Egis and Antea) and currently is carrying out the Supervision of works of the first 8 km section of the base tunnel (in JV with Egis).

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