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Cispadana - (Italy)

ClientConsorzio ARCCOS

Work activitiesDetailed design


Period2011 - 2012



Cispadana Regional Highway project connects the Reggiolo-Rolo tollbooth on the A22 “Autostrada del Brennero” to the Ferrara Sud tollbooth on the A13 “Autostrada Bologna-Padova”, connecting the territories of Parma, Reggio, Modena and Ferrara with the Adriatic Sea, for a total of about 67 km.

As part of the Cispadana project, the enhancement of the roads connecting and supplying the motorway system is designed to improve the mobility of shortrange journeys not directly fulfilled by the motorway Infrastructure.

These roads have been divided into two categories:

– local interventions of road connection to the

motorway system

– supply roads to the motorway system.

The firsts consist of multiple interventions (including punctual ones), of various entities and geometric characteristics, which represent stitching elements of the road network, also solving previous criticalities of the local road network, are directly involved in the motorway construction process and affected by the same mitigation works. environmental.

The seconds mainly perform the function of direct connection to the motorway toll booths, as they constitute the main roads with the task of draining traffic towards the motorway itselF.

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