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Rho Parabiago Railway - Italy


ClientRFI - Rete Ferroviaria Italiana

Work activitiesDetailed design





The design consists in the enhancement of the Rho-Arona line, in the section between Rho and Parabiago stations, through the quadrupling of the current line, as well as the introduction of a small connection (Y) between the FS line and that of Ferrovie Nord Milano.

The interventions included in this project refer to Construction Lot 2 – Rho Parabiago Quadrupling and Y connection, whose project configuration includes the following interventions:

a) Quadrupling between Rho and Parabiago stations for a total development of approximately 90 km, including the transformation of Vanzago station into a stop, the establishment of the new Nerviano stop, and the adaptation of Parabiago station to PRG;

b) The Y connection, originating at progressive km 16+343.28 of the even track of the Rho-Arona line, with a 60 km/h turnout, at an altitude of 225.13 m. The Y connection represents a link between the FS line and the existing N.M. Milano-Malpensa/Novara line, with a total development of approximately 695 m;

c) In relation to the previous points, the following types of works of art are planned in the project:

  • Artificial tunnels;
  • Hydraulic crossing bridges;
  • Road and pedestrian underpasses;
  • Cycle and pedestrian underpasses (equipped with access for the disabled and ramps dedicated to cycle paths);
  • New footbridges or extensions to existing structures.
  • Consistently with the interventions on the railway line and the works of art, it is necessary to foresee the adaptation of the TE technological systems and the interventions to adapt the IS, LFM, and TLC systems necessary for the infrastructural completion of the work. 


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