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Redevelopment and modification of the intended use from residential to tourist - Edolo (Italy)

ClientMosconi Roberto Arturo

Work activitiesDetailed design

PlaceEdolo (Italy)


Period2015 - 2017


The project involves the conversion of the residential use of the property to the tourist-receptive one, requalifying the building from an architectural, structural, plant, regulatory and energy point of view.

It provides for the complete remodeling of the internal distribution layout, structural interventions, restoration of the facades and renovation of the roof.

The intervention is carried out through the targeted and controlled demolition of the existing floors and stairwells and the creation of new pillars within the existing volume.

From the functional point of view, the building, renovated and converted to tourist-hotel use, will present a ground floor intended to function as a Bar with a service area behind it, plus three levels for the rooms/mini-lodgings, of which the last one will partly be a mansard roof.


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