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Joint Research Centre, Building 62C - Customs - Ispra (Italy)

ClientEuropean Commission

Work activitiesDetailed design


VOLUME1400 m³

Period2016 - 2017


The project involves the construction of a building in the European research centre (JRC) located in the municipality of Ispra. The intervention consists of the total demolition of the existing building and its reconstruction through the construction of a main body (depot) with position, orientation and height similar to the current one, and to the South-West, of a lower lateral structure, attached, in which an office with toilets will be added. The new project involves the construction of a total internal volume (upper structure and lower structure) of around 1400 m³, thus a volume similar to the existing one. The parking area and the loading/unloading area in front of the driveway entrance will be covered by a shelter that will be built as a sort of portal that transversely crosses the whole building and is partially on top of it in a longitudinal direction.

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