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Lajanuri 3 Hydroelectric Plant - (Georgia)


Work activitiesDetailed design


Period2019 - ongoing



The project consists in the construction of a 9.4 MW Hydroelectric Plant. The plant consists of:

  • A lateral intake equipped with trash racks, settling basin and forebay tank,
  • A steel penstock, 6250 m long, 3 diameters (2.2 – 2.1- 2.0 m)
  • A powerhouse with 2 Francis turbine units, total power equal to 9.4 MW
  • A service road 6400 m long

Scope of services

The Alpina mandate includes the preparation of the Basic and Detailed Design for construction of the all the civil and hydromechanical works.

  • Review of the existing data and studies provided to the Client by previous consultant. This activity includes the review of specifications and design criteria in order to achieve the feasibility of the construction.
  • Evaluation of Energy production for different water supply scenarios.
  • Selection of penstock diameter.
  • Design of all civil works.
  • Design of the penstocks.
  • Design of the powerhouses.
  • Design of excavations and temporary supports
  • Services and construction of temporary infrastructures necessary for the works.

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