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S.S. N. 1 Aurelia Bis - Road By Pass - Sanremo, Italy

ClientANAS S.p.A.

Work activitiesDetailed design

PlaceSanremo, Italy


Period2004 - 2009


The S.S. n. 1 Aurelia bis in Arma di Taggia Ospitaletti – Road bypass extends between the municipalities of Arma di Taggia and Sanremo. The road has a total length of about 9,2 km and runs entirely on a new route along the hillsides that stretches for almost 80% of its length in tunnels. There are 6 junctions, 7 tunnels of which 5 two-bore of which 2 artificial and 2 single-bore, for an overall total of 7 km and two viaducts.

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