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High speed and capacity railway Brescia-Verona (Italy)

ClientCepav 2

Work activitiesDetailed design


Period2018 - Ongoing


Alpina took part in the design of a significant section of about 15 km and related structural works.

In particular, Alpina developed the design of the following parts of the project:

  • Embankments, open cuts, and U-shape structural walls between ch. 122+250 and ch. 140+180;
  • Cut and cover tunnel “Madonna del Frassino” including entrance works;
  • Cut and cover tunnel “Santa Cristina” including entrance works;
  • Tunnel “Colle Baccotto” including entrance works;
  • Cut and cover tunnel “Mano di Ferro” including entrance works;
  • Road underpass “via Mantonava”.

In particular, the Tunnel “Colle Baccotto” is designed in clay, silt and sand layers, for long section under water table level, with important issues related to the settlement and the stability of the embankments of the adjacent highway Milan-Verona and of the flyovers.

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