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Istanbul Metro Line - Turkey

ClientMaire Tecnimont Civil Costruction

Work activitiesDetailed design

PlaceIstanbul, Turkey

Surface12 km

Period2017 - ongoing


The planned route of the new Metro line of Istanbul runs for about 12 km, starting from İstinye port and ending in Kağithane with a total of 10 underground stations (İstinye, Siteler, Karayemis, İtü, Maslak, Ayazağa, TT Arena, Şirintepe, Cendere, Kağıthane), notably Alpina has been involved in the design of Karayemis and Itüstations.

The new twin metro line tunnels will be excavated by means of TBM/EPB machines, having an excavation diameter equal to 6,60 m. 

One of the most important station in the new Metro Line is İTÜ station; it is located in a quite barycentric position of the whole alignment and it will allow the link with the existing M2 line in Maslak, one of the largest financial district in Istanbul. The station will service also the Istanbul Technical University.

The relevant size of the underground excavation, its depth and width associated with some criticalities of the rock mass interested by the excavation, imposed the choice of a quite complex multi-staged construction system to overcome the aforesaid complexities.

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