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Itare dam water supply project (Kenya)

ClientCMC Ravenna

Work activitiesFinal design, detailed design and assistance during construction


Period2016 - 2018


This project is aimed at improving water supply in the Nakuru Municipality and its environs: Molo, Elburgon, Salgaa and Njoro towns.

Integrated water system for the supply of the potable water from the new Itare Dam to the villages of Nakuru is mainly composed by:

  • a dam (total storage volume of 11,6 Mm³);
  • a raw water pipeline of 1,25 km long and 1200 mm diameter;
  • a WTP consisting of sedimentation units, filters, chlorination;
  • a treated water pipeline, 63 km long and 1200 mm diameter;
  • a free surface water transfer tunnel 3,2 m diameter and 14 km long;
  • a treated water pipeline, 33 km long and 1200/900 mm diameter;
  • a 5000 m³ reservoir at Ngata site;
  • a distribution pipeline 32 km long.

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