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Val Di Riga Railway - Italy



Work activitiesPreliminary design





The project  is located in the Province of Bolzano, spanning the municipal territories of Varna and Naz-Sciaves for the railway variant, and Bressanone for the adaptation of the PRG.

The preliminary project in question consists of the following lots:

  • Lot 1: from the existing Fortezza-Bressanone railway line to the bridge over the Isarco River
  • Lot 2: bridge over the Isarco River
  • Lot 3: from the bridge over the Isarco River to the Naz-Sciaves stop
  • Lot 4: Naz-Sciaves stop.

The main works of art are represented by:

a tunnel with a total length of 853 m, including 643 m of natural tunnel and 210 m of artificial tunnel.

The tunnel allows the underpass of the A22 motorway and SS 12; an arch bridge over the Isarco River with a length of 172 m.

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